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Please welcome our Instructors in Training! All instructors in training are under the supervision of a CanFitPro certified instructor & will be practicing virtual teaching this week. There may be technical challenges so please bear with us & make the most of it!



Video Not Playing

  • I go live at 5min before the scheduled start time. Sometimes there is a server delay between when I click "Go Live" on the backend and when you can see it. If you're super keen and are there right on time, don't panic if it's not showing. Wait 1 min and refresh your browser.

Video Freezes Mid-Class

  • Try pressing pause, waiting a sec, then pressing play again. 

  • If that doesn't work, refresh your browser

  • If that doesn't work, pray to the tech Gods :)

Can't Comment on Live Stream

  • Make sure you are signed in so you can comment

  • If you can't see the comments, look in the bottom right corner of your screen and click the square to expand the comment window

Other Problems

  • Send me an Insta dm so we can work through them together

May the tech be ever in our favour... 


WEAR Athletic clothes and proper running shoes


BRING a water bottle & make sure to take water breaks in between tracks to re-hydrate


CLEAR as much space as you can to move - at least the size of a yoga mat.

  • If we are doing travelling moves and you do not have enough space, do it on the spot. Remember, whatever space you've got, make it work! 

MODIFY whatever moves you need to

  • I give options for ALL fitness levels! Whether it's your first class or your 50th, it should feel like a challenge - hard, but not impossible. 

  • If it feels like too much, take it down a notch and keep moving! If you need a break, walk on the spot - it's very important to keep moving, especially if your heart rate is really high. 

  • If an option I give doesn't work, feel free to make up your own. Remember, this is YOUR workout!


Most of all, WORK HARD & HAVE FUN!

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