Effective September 11, 2020 until further notice.



I. Rules

II. Expectations & Safety Procedure

III. Consequences

IV. Class Limits

V. More Info on City Guidelines & By-Laws




  • 1 yoga mat required for EVERY class (standard yoga mats are 6 feet in length, and thus will be used as a physical distancing measurement tool during Fitness Training)

  • Masks are mandatory  before and after class. You may leave your mask on your yoga mat during Fitness Training. 

  • Maintain a 6 foot radius from other individuals and groups at all times


  • As per city guidelines, physical distancing requirements do NOT apply between you and others you are physically distancing with, with a limit of 10 people (henceforth referred to as your "Social Bubble"). 

  • If you would like to attend with your Social Bubble, you do NOT need to maintain a 6 foot distance from your bubble. You DO need to maintain a 6 foot radius from other individuals and other bubbles. 

  • 2 yoga mats PER GROUP required for EVERY class (standard yoga mats are 6 feet in length, and thus will be used as a physical distancing measurement tool during Fitness Training)

  • Masks are mandatory before and after class, regardless of whether you are within your social bubble. You may leave your mask on your yoga mat during Fitness Training. 

  • Maintain a 6 foot radius from other individuals and groups at all times

*** WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to attend events with your bubble as this will allow ALL participants to be closer to the instructor(s) and music - and thus we will all enjoy the class more!




  • You have been limiting your close contact to other people within your Social Bubble and following all Municipal, Provincial, and Federal guidelines related to Covid-19


  1. Book your spot online up to 24 hours in advance of the event, including reading and agreeing to all waiver. 

  2. Arrive at the event 10-15min BEFORE the scheduled start time WITH A MASK and any other safety measures you wish to take.

  3. Check in with a School of Fitness Instructor & receive directions about where and how to setup your mats to comply with our physical distancing policy. If other people are speaking to instructors, please line up (socially distanced) and wait for your turn. 

  4. You must show proof of your completed Booking Form to a School of Fitness team member if we cannot find a record online. The Booking Form is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and any participants that have not filled it out adequately will be asked to fix it on the spot and/or sent home to participate via the livestream.


Any individuals that are NOT strictly adhering to these guidelines may be asked to leave class immediately AND/OR prohibited from attending future classes. If one person in your social bubble is not following these guidelines, the ENTIRE GROUP will be asked to leave. 

There are limited instructors and MANY participants so we are relying on you to hold each other accountable to a high standard of safety. 

REMEMBER: Attending class in-person is a privilege, not a right. 




Outdoor Classes will be limited to 98 participants (not including instructors), as to adhere to the 100 person outdoor gathering limit. YOU MUST BOOK A SPOT ONLINE TO ATTEND!

There will be a waitlist, and given the popular demand of classes over the past week, please SHOW UP if you book a spot out of respect to yourself, your instructors, and your fellow participants. Cancellation policy can be found here.


As per the City of Kingston Website, Guidelines for Physical distancing in City parks:

Pursuant to Bylaw Number 2020-068, a By-law for the Provision and Enforcement of Orders During a Declared Emergency, Mayor Paterson has issued an emergency order, effective Sept. 4, to ensure that physical distancing is being followed in all City Parks. Under this Order, individuals must maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from all other persons while in a City park. Individuals who fail to maintain physical distancing while in City Parks can be fined $500 under the City’s Administrative Monetary Penalties for failure to comply with an emergency order.

The above physical distancing requirements in City Parks do not apply to:

  • children under 16, who are with their parents

  • individuals who are members of the same household

  • situations where physical distancing may not be possible for the purposes of using a public restroom

  • situations where physical distancing is not possible due to health and safety requirements

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Let's work together to stay SAFE, SWEATY & SMILING!

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