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Welcome! The best place to start is with a Free 7 Day Virtual Trial. This gives you unlimited access to classes on our livestream portal for 7 Days. (Weekly Schedule is posted to Instagram every Saturday)

Commit to trying at least 3 classes in that week! It takes a few classes to get used to our choreography-based classes, and the more classes you do, the easier it is to follow along.

Not ready to commit for a week yet? 

Don't want to waste your free trial? Don't want to signup for a membership right now? No worries! 

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Every Wednesday our Livestream Portal is unlocked and you can join any of our livestream classes for free. Offering one day free a week is our way of giving back to the community and helping YOU get your friends involved too!

Loved your trial and want to sign up?

YAY! You can sign up for a membership (recurring charges every week, no re-sign up required) OR buy a weekly pass (expires after 7 days). Note: memberships do not give you drop-in access to in-person classes. 

Do you have In-Person Classes?

All our classes are live-streamed, but not all classes are in-person. We offer select In-Person classes on a Drop-In basis where possible, depending on space/location/Covid restrictions. Head on over here to learn more about In-Person Classes.

Questions about Trials, Pricing or Memberships?

DM us on Insta and we'll get back to you within a day!

Other FAQ


How Does the Live Stream Work?

  • To access the livestream, you will need to create a member account

  • This member account lets you access the private videos located in The SHINE Portal

  • To join a live class, simply click "play Live video", which is available 5min before scheduled class times

  • Since it's a live stream, the video quality isn't always crystal clear and/or there may be some lag. These aren't pre-recorded classes. we are right there with you, cheering you on & sweating at the same time. 

When are your LIVE Classes?

  • Our schedule is shared in every Weekly Newsletter, and also posted on our Instagram feed weekly. Check either for the most recent update. 

  • Traditional Schedule is as follows:

    • Monday: HIIT Cardio​

    • Tuesday: Abs & Arms

    • Wednesday: HIIT Cardio

    • Thursday: Legs & Booty

    • Friday: HIIT Cardio

  • SHINE Lite is our newest format, which we recommend doing 3x/week for beginner fitness levels or subbing for HIIT cardio in conjunction with Strength days for intermediate fitness levels.

What if I only want to join for one Week?

  • No problem! It would be very difficult and confusing for my regular participants to have to re-sign up and pay each week, which is why it is a recurring subscription. 

  • If you want to join for one week, purchase a 7 Day Drop in Pass

  • Unlike many in-person gyms, there are NO FEES to sign-up, pause, cancel, re-instate, etc. - so you are completely in control of when/when you don't pay your "membership fees". 

  • The website hosting platform we use will automatically allow/restrict your video viewing access to reflect your membership status (paid/not paid)

Can I Cancel My Membership?

  • Yes, anytime! 

  • There are no fees to cancel, pause or re-instate your membership

  • You can manage your own membership - head to the My Subscriptions page to pause or cancel your own membership. 

  • If you have any questions or challenges regarding memberships, please send an email to or dm us on Instagram. 

What if I don't like the classes?

  • We will give you a full refund, no questions asked (although we really don't think this will happen)

Will it Auto-Charge my Credit Card?

  • Yes, this is a weekly recurring subscription

  • The reason WHY is to make it as convenient as possible for my regular & most dedicated participants


If you have any more questions, we're just an Insta dm away and ALWAYS happy to help!

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