Interested in Attending an In-Person Class this Summer?

As the weather gets warmer and public health restrictions start to lift, we are looking into running select pop-up in-person classes throughout Southern Ontario. Whether or not you live in the area, we want to gauge interest for in-person classes so if you want to #shineIRL in the future, please fill out this form below. 

I am interested in attending an IRL
Do you currently attend a post-secondary institution outside your hometown and/or live in a second city for 4+ months of the year?
Which city do you currenly reside in?
How often would you plan on attending in-person classes during the summer?
What is your willingnes to travel to an in-person class?
Wha is your preferred location?
If in-person classes are available, what do you plan to do about digital classes?
Do you have friends or family that are not currently on SHINE memberships that you would want to bring to class with you?