In-Person Classes


You may now book classes 7 days in advance. This means you can book at the beginning of the week for the entire week. Book class on our "Book a Class" Website tab. The In-Person tab will show you all of our protocols. 





You will have to fill out a Covid screening form for EVERY class you book, and this must be completed within the 24 hours before a class start time (i.e. you may not fill out the form on Sunday for Friday's class). This is a safety precaution to protect everyone.


Note: the form shows us a time-stamped response time so we can check that it was completed in the day before/of class. If your form is not completed correctly, we may send you to the back of the line to complete as to not make others wait in the cold longer than necessary. 



We have a 5 Step entry process. ONE person checks in at a time, even if you come with members of your household, you must check in separately.

  1. Hang your coat & take off outdoor shoes (if wet/dirty)

  2. Sanitize your hands

  3. Temperature check - must be below 98 degrees Fahrenheit 

  4. Staff Check-In: double check Google Form responses + show us your Covid app green screen

  5. Take a clean bin for your belongings and follow directions to your square


*** MASK ON until directed to take it off at the start of class (you can work out with it on if you prefer) and you may not leave your square once you're in it. No booking of spots or choice about what square you get - first come, first served!



We are adding to our policy and for in-person classes you must have the (free) Government of Canada Covid19 App downloaded and running. To enter class, you must show us your screen that says "no contact detected".


If your app has detected contact with a confirmed case in the past 14 days (purple screen), you will be automatically denied class entry and no refund will be made.  

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