Welcome to SHINE - a group fitness program based that you can join digitally AND physically. Join the SHINE team in our 5 day/week class-based workout program. It's hard. It's fun. And it's effective - but no transformation pics or ab challenges here! The only goal is for you to leave each class feeling Stronger & more Confident than when you started.

Class Info

Each class is 30-35mins, requires no equipment, and can be done from the comfort of your home, which is perfect for busy university students.


Can I Join from Anywhere?

YES! You can join our online livestream OR in-person every weekday. Our in-person classes are currently based out of Kingston ON, and we are planning on adding more communities soon.


How Can I Try?

Your first week is always FREE, and every single Wednesday is free for the community - no matter whether it's your first week or 50th! If you have questions, please message us on Instagram @shine.s.c


We can't wait to see you in class! What are you waiting for? Come get Strong & Confident with us!

Much Love,

The SHINE Team

Our Story

In March 2020, Jess was forced to leave her study abroad term in Singapore early due to Covid-19. While in quarantine, she started streaming free Instagram live classes 5 days a week.


What started as a way to keep busy at home soon turned into a total body workout plan with 50+ people tuning into class everyday... and The School of Fitness was born! In October, we rebranded to SHINE Strength & Confidence, and also became Federally Incorporated (a.k.a. we are officially SHINE Strength & Confidence Inc.)


We've been growing ever since - all through word of mouth and social media. So, go thank whoever told you about SHINE and get ready for some hard + fun virtual classes! As we like to say: the hardest part is showing up!


Post-Class sweaty selfie from the original quarantine zone-turned Instagram livestream studio in Jess' parents house, circa March 2020.